Inform – it’s here again!

Inform – it’s here again!

By EMC Marketing CTO – Clive Gold

So… as I take a deep breath, we are now 28 sleeps away from our first EMC Inform event for 2011 in Wellington New Zealand, a week shy of the events in Australia, in Melbourne and Sydney! Having been with EMC for near on 12 years now, I could be excused if all these events are blurring into one for me, but with so much having changed in the last 12 months, I am distinctly excited about what we have to share at this year’s EMC Inform!

Hopefully you have heard that this year’s event is all about “Where Big Data meets Cloud”! One of the things I love about working for EMC is that it continues to invest in technology and make smart acquisitions; in this case the key acquisitions were Isilon and Greenplum. I feel confident saying that EMC is at the forefront of the phenomenon that is Cloud and EMC is now driving the ability to leverage all the information you have and can get hold of!

I attended a conference in California last month, and it was apparent to me that while many vendors in the IT game are still trying to define what Cloud is, EMC has been aggressive in its pursuit of a strategy that enables the Cloud computing model, to successfully contribute to a businesses’ operational agility and efficiency. Beyond Cloud computing, EMC is ensuring that it lays a platform for new technologies and innovation, providing you greater visibility, security, control and intelligence; allowing you to gain competitive advantage, enhance your customers’ experience and be an agent to transforming your organisation.

At EMC Inform this year, you will hear from industry and EMC experts on how EMC can help you effectively store, manage, protect, secure, and analyse your ever-growing information. You will get the real story from users, how they are driving costs down, increasing flexibility and agility as well as maximising the value of their Big Data.

EMCs technology partners, such as VMware and Cisco, will be at Inform to discuss their technologies that complete the picture and show you leading edge capabilities like long distance VMotion. EMCs business partners will also be there to share their experiences in implementing these systems, to take your organisation beyond the limitations of conventional virtualisation.

Please keep checking back here.  I will be updating this blog every few days with information about the content at the event and there will be a bevy of guest contributors, that I am sure you will find really interesting.


Look forward to seeing you there!


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