So what is ‘Big Data’?

By EMC Marketing CTO – Clive Gold

I know most of you are familiar with Cloud, so with the theme for EMC Inform being “Where Big Data meets Cloud”, let me expand on the rapidly growing, ‘Big Data’ subject!  (No apologies for the pun/dad joke)

I recently read a whitepaper from the Kimball Group entitled
The Evolving Role of the Enterprise Data Warehouse in the Era of Big Data
. I found it fascinating as well as an insightful analysis of how Big Data is an issue that needs addressing and the key shifts that have resulted in this new opportunity.

Interestingly it also shows the expanded use cases for businesses looking to capitalise on their Big Data. To me most importantly, it reveals that not a single organisation will be untouched by its effect, because so often these discussions centre around ‘genomic research’ and ‘geophysical analysis’.

It said “the use cases come in all shapes and sizes and formats, and require many specialised approaches to analyze. Up until very recently all these use cases existed as separate endeavors, often involving special purpose built systems. But the industry awareness of the “big data analytics challenge” is motivating everyone to look for the architectural similarities and differences across all these use cases. Any given enterprise is increasingly likely to encounter one or more of these use cases. That realization is driving the interest in system architectures that addresses the big data analytics problem in a general way.”

If you want to read the entire paper – I highly recommend it! You can download it here.

So what has this to do with EMC? Well the paper also talks to the sheer magnitude of new opportunities in this space and makes it clear that systems to support big data analytics have to look very different than the classic relational database systems from the 1980s and 1990s.  Not only this but the task of storing massive amounts of data in also a challenge for traditional scale up technologies. EMC has been investing in solving the issues and providing these new generation capabilities. Developments such as ‘cloud optimised storage’ ATMOS, and acquisition like Isilon and Greenplum, results in EMC offering in impressive and interesting range of technology to help you realise your ‘Big Data’ potential.

Hopefully I have sparked your interest, if so read on about what Chuck Hollis’ as been saying about the subject, just a few quick links:-
–   Big Data:
–  Are you ready for big data?
–  More Isilon Big Data Magic”


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