Trade Me is coming to Inform 2011!

by Clive Gold, CTO Marketing, EMC New Zealand and Australia

We are so proud and delighted to have Trade Me present at EMC Inform in Wellington on the 31st May. What a great way to return, after a few years break from New Zealand, with this local success story.

I don’t know if you realise, it but the technologies we are developing are derived from watching and working with organisation’s like Trade Me. These ‘traditional’ cloud organisations have achieved flexibility, agility and cost benefits which most ‘traditional’ IT people dream of. (It’s interesting to put traditional and cloud into the same sentence!)

Although almost all of these organisations had the benefit of a green fields environment, there is no reason that all IT environments can’t undertake a journey to this same place, the ‘private cloud’.

Dave Wasley, the Head of Technology, at Trade Me is the ideal person to discuss what they have done and share some of their experiences. So don’t miss this opportunity, (as well as other case studies), at EMC Inform to hear from Dave and have the opportunity to ask him questions.

See you there!


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