ISS – Clean IT for the Leading Buliding Service Company

By EMC Marketing CTO – Clive Gold

ISS looks after your building! They are the leading facility services provider globally. Starting up in Australia in 2002 they are now one of our largest facility
services providers, with revenues approaching AU $1billion p.a. and employing
over 22,000 people. This organisation has been growing tremendously fast, both
organically and from acquisitions. I’m sure you know that rapid growth results
in IT challenges!

We are lucky to have ISS as one of our customer case studies at EMC Inform in
Melbourne and Sydney. Their story is really interesting as their IT strategy
and environment supports their business strategy of rapid growth and through
virtualisation they can support rapid integration of acquired business.

I also found this story heartening, as ISS worked with one of our leading
integrators Tecala. When Tecala got the call for some more disks, they didn’t
send a quote, they sent in the consultants, to work out what was really going
on. The result is a change in the way they manage their data, providing a more
scalable and flexible system, which you will have to come to Inform to hear all


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