Personal Reflection on Day 1 EMC World

by Clive Gold, CTO Marketing, EMC Australia and New Zealand

EMC world today was like Cirque Du Soleil! I took the opportunity while in Vegas to see one of their shows, Love based on the Beatles music, and I sat transfixed not knowing which way to look there was so much going on! That is what day one of EMC world was like, and I haven’t been onto the show floor yet.

Joe Tucci started the day, and I was waiting for the big announcement.. but there wasn’t one. But what there was, was a great overview of the EMC strategy and how it has grown since this time last year. From the “Journey to the Private Cloud” to “Accelerating the Journey to Your Cloud and Capitalising on the Big Data Opportunity”.
Before you raise your eyebrows, Joe then put the pieces together in a simple way which you will need to come to Inform to see and hear about!

Pat Gelsinger then did his own acceleration and did I think six demonstrations, (including a couple of contortionists), as well as an overview of all the EMC product lines. It turns out he runs marathons, which was evident as instead of collapsing he arrived at a press conference. Pat announced a couple of very interesting things:-
– VPLEX Geo, the ability to have virtual storage across large distances, this is one of the demonstrations we are putting together with VMware and Cisco at Inform.
– Project Lightning, a server FLASH cache product, which in tandem with a demonstration of running an application on the Isilon storage system opens up a whole new world. Imagine a policy management system that manages application performance by moving the workload closer to the resources it uses the most.

As you would expect a conference the size of EMC world has a few “sub-conferences” within it. I snuck into the “Momentum” conference which is Documentum’s user group, to hear how EMC Information Intelligence Group, (nee EMC Documentum), was going. Their strategy had a couple of really interesting pieces.
– “The new user” which is what I’ve been blogging about with the love of my iPad.
– OnDemand VCUBE which is the IIG applications packaged up into a virtual container and managed by EMC. So now a complex system is deployed in 2 hours, vs anything unto 6 months. That is impressive!

Finally its down to the show floor to see what we can steal for Inform’s exhibition area.


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