Another Quick Post on User Interfaces

Paul Maritz is a smart guy, and I love really smart people because they can describe stuff in a way that makes you say ‘aha’. I’ve been battling to describe the contrast between the old and new user interface, here. Paul said, “We are creating the new user interface because what we use today is the automation of the document management desk of the 1970s. That is why we use terms like desktop, folders and documents! Today people don’t work this way, the gather information, collaborate and make decisions, that is what the new user needs support for.” (Sorry Paul, this is not word for word, but the way I understood it.)

Well i have found another fantastic example of this and this time you can experience it as well, if you have an iPad install the ‘EMC Folio’ app. This is a window into the rich content that EMC has to help you understand what we do, how we do it, some case studies, all at the touch of your finger.

If you think about a company website, its real old school.. you have to navigate around it and drill down until you find the video or data-sheet that you are interested in. In EMC Folio you just touch the subject and swipe the tiles until you find the info you are looking for. (Kind of reminiscent of Minority Report!)

What I also find interesting with this application is that is actually cache’s the content which is fantastic. One of my frustrations with browsers like Safari on the iPad is every-time you go back to a page, it refreshed it.. and if you have traveled to places like the USA, this sometimes can take minutes!


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