Day 2 – EMC World

It was time to get down and a little dirty! After the overview, strategy and positioning sessions yesterday today was about the technologies that make up the core.

To start the day Paul Maritz outlined vmwares strategy in three layers, the infrastructure and their work to automate and get rid of infrastructure management.

Next the new application layer, the revolution by developers to get rid of complexity and how they have created framework based development tools and techniques. VMware’s creation of cloudfoundry to move this effort on.

Finally the “New User” who now moves away from the 1970’s office desktop which is the model that we use in computers today! Overall a very interesting and compelling presentation and strategy!

Next keynotes where the storage giants of Brian Gallagher and Rich Napolitano who own the high end and mid-range storage products. Some interesting new features in both of these, most interesting were things like a Google Search Appliance integrated with the VNX to help you find that stuff, and VPLEX Geo the ability to do virtual storage across continents!

But both keynotes seemed to be competing with each other for the best stunt. From Brian’s appearance in another TV show to Rich being beamed up into the cloud.. and back. (I’ll post links to the video’s when they become available.”

Fortunately or Unfortunately I could not make the other keynote in which IIG presented their strategy. I’m guessing it was similar to the session I went to yesterday an if you are interested in more Twitter search on @clivegold and #emcworld.

The reason I missed this was that I was accompanying Stuart Kennedy, Editor of the Australian IT, to his interviews with Joe and Paul. Some coverage here, and look out in the Australian IT for some more.


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