Day 3 EMC World – Started and ended with mountains!

Sanjay Mirchandani EMC’s CIO kicked the day off on a different note of how EMC itself runs IT. Stage 3 in the Journey transforming IT to a service and some idea of the issues that he is dealing with, a great view from the other side.

I love an analogy an Sanjay used a great one, the journey is like climbing Mt Everest, you have to prepare and know what you are going to be up against, you get to the first base camp and you have to acclimatise, etc..

On a more amusing note the choice of music has been interesting, before the “Blockbuster Backup” session they played “Sex on Fire” I guess its because this product line is “On Fire!” BJ Jenkins continued the attention grabbing stunts not to be outdone by the storage guys. “Blockbuster” themed spoofs featuring “scary balls of tape” and tape-man, in such classics as “Nightmare, from the tape vault”. We will try re-create some of this for you at Inform 2011.

He opened his presentation to show that “Purpose Build Backup Appliances” , (IDC), are eating up the market space of Tape as well as Backup Software. Interesting as we always thing this is a tape replacement technology, where in fact it simplifies the environment therefore you need less software.

Outside of the keynotes I gatecrashed a couple of interesting sessions Big Data Sessions. The first was how to store it, which was a summit with a number of end users who have large data storage requirements. There were the usual suspects, like genomics research, media companies. But here is one that surprise me, a weather station company. They need to store fine grain weather data to help companies that need this data to decide where to build stuff. Like windmills or put sola cells or build telco towers who have large, PetaByte, storage requirements like cloud office suite provider, genomics company and a weather station! The last one might surprise you, but they provide fine grain weather information for companies that build eco-energy sources like windmills.

The second party I crashed was the Data Scientist Summit, a whole new world! Fascinating and frightening at the same time. The examples of what these people have done are amazing, from helping find people who know CPR close to where people have just suffered a heart attack to helping kids running late find the closest School bus.
Frightening as I feel like I’m at the base of a new mountain as this is an area that combines pure math, computer science, social engineering, an a heavy dollop of common-sense. And I only have the last one!


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