Final Day EMC World – Scared to go home..

Day 4 and brain fried, behaved at the party and enjoyed ‘The Fray’ and kind of didn’t go to EMC world today.

I found the Data Scientist Summit so interesting I went back for day 2. Some big names there like Amazon and Linkedin sharing their thoughts as well as an amazing young man Jonathan Harris.

One of Jonathan’s projects has been to gauge the ‘feelings’ of the world over time by monitoring the adjectives that are used in blogs, tweets and any other available data. Have a look at and be amazed. He did flash up some of the very emotional statements people have made on line, sent a chill down my spine. He calls himself a Data Artist and seeing what he has done, it is beautiful!

A panel session on mashups gave little vignettes of the work large and small organisations are looking at and the key messages were; You can combine two datasets and get greater value from the combination than the individual datasets. The second was that this BD industry relies on the data being available. My worry is that it seems like there are two ways this could go, the copyright or open source routes. If people lock their data up, the value that can change or lives will be lost.

After seeing The Fray I’m afraid to go home! It seemed like many of the people here didn’t know The Fray. You could see the recognition in their eyes when they started playing “How to save a life.” On the technical side, I did manage to get a FaceTime link up to Australia for a couple of minutes. (10 000 techo’s are playing havoc on the wifi here!) But unfortunately my daughter was not at home, so not only did I see one of her favourite bands live, but her brother and mother had a glimpse. So as I’m sure some of you would know, there is nothing more dangerous than an disappointed teenager!

So as I head home, (thanks to the Qantas engineers for not striking!), my only problem is how to replicate some of this at EMC Inform in a few weeks time! See you there.


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