2011 Year of the Private Cloud

By Adrian Iannessa – Global Services Director,
EMC Corporation, Australia and New Zealand (ANZ)

Cloud services have been on everyone’s lips for the last 24 months, the models and concepts have been debated however take up has lagged behind the discussion. Looking at the market in 2011 I believe that we will see a critical mass of adoption for the private cloud.

What leads me to be so confident that cloud and in particular the private cloud is going to hit its straps in 2011? You need three things to drive a shift in the IT market:

  1. An economic push.  For many years now the “more with less” mantra has been part of the conversation with IT managers and CIOs everywhere. Fundamental change lags the event but businesses are really looking to hack back the fixed costs of the IT environment.  There is a real desire to be able to ramp up or down IT capability and investment.  Most CIOs had little ability to run down their spending when over seventy percent of their IT budget is spent on keeping the lights on.
  2. Capability around the technologies.  There are a number of fundamental component technologies that underpin the private cloud in most businesses.  The skills and services around those technologies often come later, with the services that EMC and VMware have launched, as well as the critical mass of skills in the market, the ability for CIOs to expect predictable successful outcomes from investment in private cloud is there.
  3. The technology itself.  vSphere when launched in 2009 was a step change in the virtualization market. VMware clearly positioned this platform as being the core of the cloud within the data centre and a way of accessing service provider capability. Hardware partners like EMC have evolved their products to take advantage of this advanced platform the VNX and VNXe platforms launched in 2011 show how hardware is aligning to the cloud and vSphere with FAST and vCentre integration through VSI.

So how do I think EMC is placed in 2011 to work with customers and help them get benefits from cloud in 2011? We have great solutions to support cloud services at all levels.  A recent conversation reinforced this; I was recently talking to someone about the new VNX platforms and how the services they bring deliver dynamism and remove complexity from the storage environment, this leads to multi-site active-active data centres and vPlex extending this dynamic workload optimization across multiple data centres.  We then talked through backup where the data domain platform allowed them to remove tape from their data centre entirely for both short and long term retention this allowed them to automate and simplify the backup environment.

So all in all I see that 2011 will be the year of the private cloud, not only as it promises much but because we have the drivers and capabilities to deliver on this promise.


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