Telco’s glue the cloud together – Telstra joins Inform

Sometimes people overlook the fact that the network is the glue that makes the cloud work. So one market model that makes absolute sense, is to have a major telco provide the cloud services that we are looking for. Why, well there is the obvious advantage of having them ‘in the pipe’ that you connect to. But don’t overlook the culture and ethos of these organisations to be “Telco Grade”. Telstra has actually been delivering what is today known as XaaS services since the early 2000’s, starting with a storage service and expanding to cover the rest of the services you might require.
With the help of Komatsu as an example of a cloud consumer we are pleased to announce that Telstra will be at Inform. This fascinating tale of cloud adoption has a few twists in the tale that will interest anyone who is considering adopting cloud technologies. And there is nothing to be scared of because each twist the benefits of adopting the Telstra service were far beyond the original business case.


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