When EMC meets VMware and Cisco

by Clive Gold, CTO Marketing EMC Australia and New Zealand

The technical content of Inform fill in the pieces you need today to realise the longer term transformation..

If you are technical you might notice that the key message for Inform this year about Cloud and Big Data, but there are a lot of sessions dealing with transforming IT through virtualistaion. In fact we have just added a dedicated VMware session!

The key question of, “Is Cloud and Virtualistion the same thing?” In my opinion the answer is no but Cloud is dependent on virtualisation to realise the benefits of hybrid cloud.

So to tempt you to Inform let me outline what the virtualisation sessions add up to. The goal is to create a hybrid cloud, where workloads and data can be moved between on-premise and off-premise environments. Todo this we work up the stack, firstly the basic infrastructure needs to work together and so it needs to be pre-integrated and as such there is a session about the integration points between EMC and VMware. A new survey supports out leadership in this area and show how many companies use EMC for virtualistaion and more interesting is how users of other storage systems wish they had made an EMC decision.

Now we have the foundation at a storage level, there is obviously a need to re-engineer the networks that are in the data-centre. Cisco will talk about the key changes in convered networks and how to move users from one place to the next without dropping their connection as well a glimpse at the compute layer.

Following Cisco we need to take the final step and forget all these pieces and rely on VMware, Cisco and EMC to integrate, test, and look after an infrastructure produce called Vblock. To demonstrate and change your mind about what converged infrastructure is, we show you a single button to manage it all!

Lastly is this all real, well lets hear from a cloud supplier Enspire who Logicalis has been working with to put this all in place and offer a desktop as a service product to the market.

Technical details, we will give you and more! See you at Inform starting next week.


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