What does EMC do that is fundamentally different?

By Clive Gold, Marketing CTO, EMC Australia and New Zealand

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone asks me that! EMC and the acquisitions we’ve made might seem like a random walk through IT logos; the question is what ties all this together from a core capability point of view? In a flippant way, I say it’s because EMC goes out of its way to not care!

That sounds bad, so I have to explain quickly. EMC built its business on storage in the 1990’s, by providing the fastest, most available and most reliable way to store your data. EMC didn’t care what machine, what operating system, what database or what application those 1’s and 0’s came from. Our job was to keep them, keep them safe, dish them up fast, copy them across the globe, and make them available for use in as many different ways as people needed.

The rest of the IT market looked at all this differently, from a horizontal stack point of view. A lens that was focused on a certain application, a certain operating system or a certain machine architecture. EMC’s focus was horizontal, applying the same technology across the board. Allowing customers to do things in one way across their entire environment! A massive value due to the simplification, consolidation and then the automation of these tasks!

Today this remains EMC’s core value proposition. Think about the major brands and how they all fit my ‘horizontal’ model. RSA technologies implemented at the hypervisor layer that look at traffic flows, are technology stack independent.

While application vendors push doing everything in their application, which leads to higher complexity again, the “Super Vendors” as Gartner classes IBM, HP, and Oracle create supermarkets where you get everything but it’s all average. EMC and our best-of-breed partners, Cisco and VMware, provide a unique value proposition of best-of-breed, and totally integrated infrastructures that are open! I believe Larry Ellison once suggested Oracle was open he said “You can run any software stack on Oracle; Financials, JD Edwards, Peoplesoft and Seibel!” Totally open if your entire world is just Oracle which his is!

What’s the significance of this today? Think about the net effect of ‘cloud’, it is moving the market EMC’s way. The market also ‘doesn’t want to care’ about the technologies. They want and we are ready to provide technologies that look after themselves that people don’t have to care for, but just use! Maybe that is what is fuelling EMC’s growth – we have the right pieces and the right approach to realise our vision of being the provider of cloud technologies!


One response to “What does EMC do that is fundamentally different?

  1. Whilst EMC may be server platform agnostic, it is not the only one. Most storage platforms, and software platforms, are vendor agnostic to a varying degree. They have to be, and this is driven by so called “open systems”. What I am seeing in the industry is a move towards less openness. E.g. EMC’s support for non-EMC platforms in the BUR space is reducing.

    I see no effort from EMC to extend NetWorker to work with other vendors storage platforms, except at a File System level, even when those vendors support true open standards (SMI-S). Mayeb because this is because the battle has moved from processor to infrastructure as the new battleground, as the server has become increasingly productised and, potentially, made irrelevant.

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