Guest post by Geoffrey Nicholas of Enspire.

By Geoffrey Nicholas, CEO – Enspire Australia

I’m delighted to be able to share our experience at EMC’s inform event in Melbourne and Sydney.

Enspire Australia has been providing Hosted Desktop services as far back as 2005. As pioneers in this space, we recognised early on that the future of end users accessing their applications lay in remote access. We built an innovative platform, took it to market, and wowed many of the early adopters with the benefits that hosted desktop delivers.

By 2009 we recognised that our innovative solution, was little more than a prototype environment, and whilst capable of meeting the needs of our existing clients, it was in fact a huge impediment to our growth. An in depth soul searching review found that “our baby” was not scalable, was expensive to maintain, did not have in built redundancy and was not built to best practice. At first, this was a little confronting, but we quickly took up the challenge of finding ourselves a robust, scalable production-grade environment that was capable of supporting Enspire’s aggressive growth targets.

Enter Vblock. I like to describe Vblock as a data centre in a rack. The appeal of a pre-configured rack of converged infrastructure that met our criteria, installed by the experts at Logicalis, was enormous. Backed by the incredible support of the VCE alliance, in particular EMC and Cisco, we felt that the significant investment in the Vblock was vital to the plans we had laid to achieve our growth targets.

5 months on from the go-live, the decision has been vindicated. The platform has been incredibly reliable, provides enormous flexibility and scalability and has generated enormous in interest in our GoDesktop service. Our growth plans are on track, our clients are lining up to move on to the Vblock platform and importantly, our staff love working with it.


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