Chuck Hollis in Australia for Inform.. The voice!

By Clive Gold, Marketing CTO, EMC Australia and New Zealand

Chuck Hollis is about as close to the voice of EMC as you can get in one place at one time.

Many years ago I was invited to a training session at corporate in Hopkinton MA, (which is close to where the Boston Marathon starts), to become an “Evangelist” for EMC. I sat somewhat jet lagged as product CTO after product champion after product marketing head explained their technologies values and virtues. Just as my head was about to explode Chuck came in and said, “let me just try and put this all together for you!”, and he told a story of how the market was moving, what the important pieces were, and how EMC was addressing these! I was awake! Finally someone just put the pieces together and the lights came on for me.

Now, whenever I make it to the Boston my first stop is always Chucks office. NOW IT’S YOUR CHANCE… to get the good oil, next week at Inform in Melbourne and Sydney. As well as on-line,


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