Pumped for Melbourne as Wellington was a great success

By Clive Gold: CTO Marketing, EMC Australia and New Zealand

EMC Inform Wellington was one of the first EMC Forum around the globe and it was huge. The keynote was standing room only and David Webster did his usual job of keeping everyone totally engaged and builing the energy in the room, as he outlined EMC’s strategy.  Everyone got a real sense of what EMC is doing to help accelerate the journey to the cloud and take advantage of the ‘Big Data’ opportunity.  (I do have to point out that he did have the home ground advantage as he was born and grew up in New Zealand.)

To follow on, Dave Wasley told the Trade Me story, from the growth of the business to the challenges they have overcome and finishing on their thoughts of using their ‘big data’. Some incredible numbers and ideas, so if you want some of that search twitter for #emcinform and get my tweets through his presentation.

The case studies raised more questions and interaction than I thought we were going to got. A good result as it was an indication of the interest and how many other people were facing the same challenges. A great deal was learn and shared!

The Demonstrations were very popular with the technical people who found it was more interesting to see things happen than to be described through yet another Powerpoint presentation. So perhaps ‘seeing is understanding’ … certainly I got a lot out of some of the new code levels I haven’t seen before, for example the operational side of UIM.

But as always at these events it was the networking that seemed to make the most noise. Sometimes I forget that although I speak to so many people in organisations doing similar things, they don’t get many opportunities to speak to each other.  Dave Maclaurin from Otago University presented his case study, then I saw him in deep conversations with at least two other universities who were attending.

To wrap up a couple of interesting trivia:
– Trade Me advertised for .net and sql developers. A first I’ve seen job adverts at a conference, but I guess it’s their business!
– I had 4 of my 5 guest speakers were called David and to make it interesting the two A/V guys were.. you got it .. David! So rehearsing the Keynote we had 4 Davids working together, which was good for me as I’m not the quickest in remembering names!

A lot was learnt, more was discussed and even more people met each other.

A great success, see you in Melbourne or Sydney!


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