Is Big Data applicable to ANZ?

by Clive Gold, CTO Marketing EMC Australia and New Zealand

A comment was made to me that the “big data” idea is just another overhyped US centric IT marketing beat-up. Let me tell you why I absolutely disagree with this!

According to Gartner, the global market size for business intelligence software is just over $10Billion, which means that Australia’s share should be in the region north of $300Million. In the article, here, Gartner is also predicting a revenue grow rate of 9.7%, which is way above the general IT market growth. What’s more interesting in this article are the three demand side factors they highlight:-
• Consumerisation of BI
• Support for extreme data performance and emerging data sources
• BI as a decision platform

What does this mean? Well we now have the tools which are affordable and can churn through data at such a rapid rate that you can ‘suck it and see’, (e.g. EMC Greenplum). This moves the job of turning data into information and knowledge, which moves the capability closer to where decisions need to be made. (In contrast to traditional methods, where you needed to decide what you were looking for upfront, so that your propeller heads could structure and build your system to give those answers.) AND to make this even more interesting you are not limited to your own data anymore!

The trend of large ‘public cloud’ providers opening up API’s to enable the programmatic access to their data is changing the landscape. One funny example sited by Trade Me at Inform in Wellington was of a chap who used their API’s built an app which searched for auctions that were about to end, where the price was $1 and there was no delivery charge! The app would bid for the item and he satisfied his need to just get stuff! (I’m not really advocating this!)

So back to my main point, can you answer yes to one of these?

– Do you have a web presence and/or transact over online? Would you be interested in how to improve this channel to market and improve customer satisfaction as well as turnover? That is a big data opportunity.
– Does your organisation have a brand you would like to protect and enhance? Public Relations 101 says you need to identify the issue, plan a course of action and then communicate it. Now with access to social media data, webclicks and internal data, the identification of the issue is now a big data opportunity.
– Does your organisation have choices about what services or products to provide? To understand the trends, and match the current or future needs and wants of your customers with what the organisation could be capable of providing, is a big data opportunity.
– Do you have to make decisions? How many times have we heard about bad decisions that have been made, where the data was readily available? Making sense of the available data and helping you make better decisions is a big data opportunity.

Today ‘ignorance’ is a choice you make! The data is readily available, the tools to support real-time decision making are here and the opportunities for Australian and New Zealand companies are as big as anywhere in the world. So the only question is will ANZ lead this field, as we have so many others in IT recently?


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