Please Vblock is not a Reference Architecture its a product!

by Clive Gold, Marketing CTO EMC Australia and New Zealand

Please let this be the last time I have to talk about Vblock
and Flexpod in the same sentence!

The question has come up again at Inform, “What’s the difference
between Vblock and Flexpod?” Simply everything as they are completely different!  Vblock is a converged infrastructure product Flexpod is a reference

Converged Infrastructure is a single product that provides  you with an IT infrastructure. It is sized, purchased, supported and upgraded  as a single product. This means that the design, integration, construction and  lifecycle costs are born by the supplier and the majority of the technology  risks are also removed from the consumer!  It’s not that hard to understand, if you  forget the way the industry has operated since the disaggregation of IT and the birth of ‘open systems’.

Let me use an analogy. When I got my first pay check, I rushed out and to build myself a great sound system. I studied amplifiers, speaker systems, record players and even monster cabling. After much time and energy comparing signal to noise ratios, frequency responses and dynamic ranges I purchased the pieces and spent a day constructing and connecting the system. Compare this to my last visit to the USA when I picked up a Bose Soundwave system!

Today you have two options; Build Your Own or Purchase a Product.

Like Bunnings, we have the information to help you do it yourself; these are called reference architectures. To create a reference architecture we build, test and iron out all the wrinkles; we then create a raft of documentation in the form of best practice and “how to” guides. This reduces the risk and shares some of the expertise, but risk remains with you. As you run this infrastructure there is a major contributor to cost and complexity you are still managing and supporting individual components. That is each layer has its own management tool and will require patching and updating separately.

The other approach is to purchase a Vblock. Vblock is simply a single product. We architected, built, tested and performance profiled these products. You can thus just size your job and select the right product. Then as you would expect of a single product, one-box arrives which is ‘plugged in’ and available for use. You have a single tool to manage your Vblock. You have a single number to call if anything goes wrong with your Vblock. You receive a single update for your Vblock. If it doesn’t perform to specification, well that’s our problem! Making sure the update works, well that’s our problem!  Developing new and better ways to use your Vblock and adding value to your organisation, well that’s your problem.

So if you want to talk about reference architectures, EMC invented these through our $3Billion investment in interoperability and I’m sure we have the one that you are looking for. BUT if you want converged infrastructure Vblock is a different conversation. (I hope you get it now!)


2 responses to “Please Vblock is not a Reference Architecture its a product!

  1. “So if you want to talk about reference architectures, EMC invented these …”

    EMC also invented the steam engine, the spinning jenny and the baseball cap with built in drink holders.

    Seriously, when flexibility and getting what you need instead of what an inflexible Vblock delivers, a NetApp cloud solution and FlexPod ( are the dog’s doughnuts. But you probably knew that already, since I seem to remember EMC invented the first dog doughnut detector too.

  2. Well as I said some people just don’t get it!
    EMC offers you both!
    If your workloads are different to what the Vblocks are designed for, then here are numerous Reference Architectures, (for your applicaitons, industries and business needs),

    However, if you are like 90+% of ANZ customers who have workloads addressed by Vblock and want to get into adding value to your business, reducing your TCO and leveraging the hard work being done by Cisco and EMC’s with VMware.. there is Vblock!

    All I ask is you don’t fall for the old trick of comparing apples and oranges, because yes they are different. Lets compare their apples to our apples. If they get to make an orange one day, then we can compare that as well.. but until then I think customers are smarter than that Alex!

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