Apple goes hybrid-cloud, EMC is enabling the enterprise version

by Clive Gold, CTO Marketing, EMC Australia and New Zealand

At EMC world the Amazon’s S3 protocol was announced for ATMOS, and last
week iomega added it to their home drives as well. Interesting isn’t it?

I have said in the past, as a hacker, I am frustrated by Apple’s approach to hiding technology from the user. But watching Steve Job’s recent keynote I had to say wow on a few occasions. Apple has taken the cloud computing model to the next step for consumers. The way they will handle music and photos I think is brilliant. Having signed contracts with a number of major music labels means that they offer a service to the user which no other ‘cloud storage’ provider can, “high-definition” music files which you don’t have to chew up your bandwidth limits uploading! More interesting in my mind is that Apple can hold a couple of copies of the file, and have millions licenced to use it! Which is a win win, because now if I choose to purchase a song form Apple, I am getting my backup and DR service for that song for the same cost.

So as EMC helps customer move to the hybrid-cloud model the seamless integration of internal and public clouds is essential. But beyond driving standards and supporting popular cloud services, EMC’s is working hard to address three areas of technology needed for hybrid clouds: management, federation and trust.

  • Management: As you will need to manage the entire environment as if it is your own equipment. Afterall you are responsible for the  service to your organisation, as to where that service runs will be a ‘back-office’ decision based on SLA, cost, risk etc.
  • Federation: Having the ability to move both workloads and data sets from one place to another, without disruption and within ‘real-time’  s an essential enabler to the hybrid model.
  • Trust: Visibility and control is needed to ensure that the service being delivered meets the standards and policies that your  organisation has set is more challenging in a model where part of your environment is a highly leveraged infrastructure that anyone can be resident on.

Interesting times for IT, but on a personal level, as a photographer with a wife who hasn’t gone digital yet, my life just got better as all my recent photos will automatically appear on her iPad. (As most married men know,  happy wife-happy life!)


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