Attempt to FUD the VMAXe.. wow..

Last week saw a flurry of ‘tweets’ from a competitor of EMC wich seemed like a FUD campaign.  In typical manner with these things, a statement is made, in 140 characters or less, with no substantive proof nor context. The whole idea is to leave the reader to assume the worst!

For example if X fails then you lose Y. Wow that is a huge concern when you read the statement and you are left to believe that product X has a high risk associated with it! In truth, X is the world leader in reliability as its integrated design provides full redundancy and multiple failure zones, making it tolerant to multiple failures by design. A slightly different picture!

I marvel at how people can state the obvious, in such a way as to insight fear uncertainty and doubt in people. “If all four engines fail, the plane will fall to the earth!” Is this true? Strictly speaking it is. But what are the chances that all four state of the art engines fail? Secondly, is four engines an acceptable design to mitigate the risks, and lastly if all engines do fail, doesn’t the aerodynamics of the plane allow it to glide to a safe landing?

Now the real reason I love this kind of FUD, is that the company saying all this, (using my analogy), only produces a single engine plane!  As my mother used
to say “the pot calling the kettle black”, the problem here is our kettle is electric.. and it is shiny silver!!

So why the twitter flutter!  Well that is easier to explain, real fear! News about the addition of the VMAXe to our product line is out. A system that straddles the mid-tier and high-end architectures for storage; attractively priced with a VMAX multi-controller architecture; scale-up and scale-out running the worlds most advanced storage operating environment, enginuity.  So that is the crux of it, how can they compete with a twin controller scale up architecture against this?
Well the approach seems to be throw FUD and hope some of it sticks!

This does mean that they assume you, the customer for this technology, is dumb! That you can’t simply Google the technology, look for news articles on failures and problems, and you can’t look at reference information! That’s the piece I really don’t understand, that in today’s age of instant access to information, how does a dis-information campaign work?

To be honest, I’m delighted when I see these desperate moves by the competition, it says to me that EMC has hit a sweet spot in the market.  In this case the competitor only has a mid-tier architecture and they try and sell it as a high end machine.


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