Now FUD the VBlock, they must be worried.. YES!!

By Clive Gold, CTO Marketing, EMC Australia and New Zealand.

I saw a storage vendor the other day say that VCE had only sold 10 Vblocks in Australia, so much more FUD and its getting so tiresome.. not because their number is totally wrong, but yet again they insist on comparing different things. I can argue all I like, that motorbikes have half the number of wheels than cars do… but what is the point and who is that naive to think that it’s important?

So talking about halves, I do not know how many Vblocks have been sold in Australia, and I would not be authorised to say anyway. But I was involved in the sale of 5 just last month, so I got to think the competitors estimate is a little light on!

BUT, the point is we need to make is simply, who are customers choosing to do this work on? Well I’ve found this year’s survey of what storage people choose to run their virtual environments, and again every second person asked chooses EMC! So this year’s survey comes from Wikibon, (an interesting on-line analyst), which joins the others from IDC, Goldman Sachs, and Forrester.. all show the same result. Year after year after year..

So, Dear Mr Competitor, keep arguing and pushing the marketing FUD, while EMC delivers the most cost effective, scalable and versatile storage for virtual environments.


Mr Customer, if you would like to cut up to 40% from the TCO of your virtual infrastructure, then come to VCE and talk about converged infrastructure!  Just, remember to be converged infrastructure you have to be able to just select the model, receive one product, plug it in and use it before lunch.. via the single window on that single screen and receive one-update for this single product!


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