Do we really know how revolutionary FLASH and FAST IS?

By Clive Gold, CTO Marketing, EMC Australia and New Zealand

I’m in Perth for the beginning of this week and by chance got invited to an update meeting with one of our best partners dimension data. Isn’t it funny that these chance meetings normally turn out to be the most valuable?

This was because it was so different from the previous meeting I had. In the meeting the statement is made, “Your is broken because it doesn’t do it this way!” I then outline the pro’s can con’s of the different approaches and why I think EMC’s engineering decisions produce the best result. Then the person says, “Oh I better have a look at that!”. Meaning that they had zero experience in what they were talking about.

On the other had, Ken from dimension data says. “You know FAST makes SAN’s simple and affordable for unified communications!”, which I didn’t so he xplains.

Unified communications systems like call manager need a airly high IO rate, so as you scale the IOPs required increases dramatically. In the past dedicated servers with DAS were used, with all the inefficiencies that DAS comes with. SAN was too expensive as you had to use more spindles to get the IOPs, but you didn’t need all the space. Now with FLASH and FAST, it allows us to use smaller storage systems and just enough FLASH to provide the IOPs”

I don’t know how many times journalists from ARN and CRN and other channel publications ask, “What’s the value in the channel to do with this or that.. “ This sure is an example of the systems integrators value in our IT eco-system.

So, why has FLASH and FAST helped you reduce cost and solve a problem?


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