Customer shows Vblock beats Netapp and Oracle hands down..

By Clive Gold, CTO Marketing EMC Australia and New Zealand.

I mentioned that we sold 5 Vblocks last month, and I have just come out a briefing on why one of our customers has selected Vblock. The situation was that the customer was running a VDI pilot using a Netapp infrastructure, then they did the math comparing this pilot to the Vblock. Over the planned 5 year life of the infrastructure, they worked out they would save at least 15%, off the total cost of ownership.

Now before you hard line negotiators tell me you could squeeze 15% out of the vendors.. the savings are on the total TCO, and as you know the purchase price is usually the smallest portion of that cost over 5 years.

What was also interesting were the other benefits they saw:

–        Oracle was trying to sell them an Exadata, which they considered as a single purpose machine. They could not see any advantage comparing Oracle to Vblock for running Oracle’s software. BUT, the Vblock being general purpose, they could run SQL, Sharepoint, Exchange, etc.  And the real irony is that they could run Oracle un-virtualised to get around Oracles ‘interesting’ support policies. (Most
people don’t realise that the Vblock runs ‘bare metal’ apps together with the virtualised ones.)

–          UIM – allowing them to streamline their operations and move more of their scarce IT resources into adding value to the organisation.

I know that since I have the world ‘marketing’ in my job title, the technical people I talk to are always looking for third party validation, so I don’t want to say ‘I told you so’, but what I want to say is the world is changing and if you haven’t looked at Vblock .. you need to. If you look at the surveys showing that 70% of the IT budget goes to keeping the lights on, a 15% reduction in TCO means 50% more to innovating!


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