CSC BizCloud.. very interesting for a number of reasons.

By Clive Gold, CTO Marketing, EMC Australia and New Zealand

CSC’s Cloud CTO Siki Giunta has been in Australia launching BizCloud, a very practical and logical cloud offering, (Press: ITwire, CIO, ZDNet, Computerworld), and I was lucky to be involved in a couple of activities.

To me the most impressive thing about this offering is the no-hype, practical, down to earth approach they have taken to building this service. Whatever location, protection, management, backup requirement your application requires can be structured by this service. So as you apply the economic, risk
and functionality filters to your decision, a model for the BizCloud service will pop out. (The product is offered on-premise or off-premise, self-managed or not, self-backed up or not, leveraged or not, etc. catering for all requirements.)

Most importantly there are real/hard service level commitments by CSC, so they carry the risk completely and if you don’t get your service you don’t pay! (Not like other services where you get time in lieu.. which has always fascinated me that if I receive a lousy service the compensation is to get more of it!!!)
And this is all based on a nice simple rate card based on the number of vCPU’s and vRAM you use on an hourly basis and billed per month.

Physically BizCloud is Vblock based, (VMware, Cisco and EMC), with the CSC management and orchestration piece bolted on-top. In this way they can provide management and
Avamar based backup services no matter where the hardware is physically. This is the secret sauce, the piece that makes a very sophisticated IT environment so simple and easy for the user!

Announced first in the USA it sounds like it’s been a run-away success. Funny because some competitive FUD has been questioning the number of  Vblocks sold, and Siki mentioned that they installed 10 Vblocks last month alone!

To be a bit flippant, I’m surprised it CSC uses a ‘cloud’ moniker, as usually when  well-defined, reliable and well-understood service is taken to market it drops out of the ‘misty Cloud’!


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