How much does your Netapp storage actually cost?

By Clive Gold, CTO Marketing, EMC Australia and New Zealand


EMC has a tool which takes the log files from a Netapp filer and gives you a simple breakdown, showing the conversion from raw disk to the data you have stored! Very handy for you to understand exactly how efficient your storage is and thus how much each GB of your data stored actually costs you. (Handy for EMC too.. if you understand how efficient your current storage is!!) Infact at a large Telco we worked out that their Tier 2 Netapp storage was costing more per GB than their T1 Symmetrix.. imagine the difference in cost to a VNX?

An example of the output is shown below and you can see that they are actually storing less than half the amount of data compared to the amount of disk they purchased, effectively more than doubling their purchase cost per GB, doubling their power & cooling required per GB, doubling their admin costs per GB stored, etc!

EMC can run this analysis for you and if you are as shocked as most people are, about this conversion. Then call EMC as we start by guaranteeing you EMC will save at least 25%. (Like the NAB adverts no asterisks)*.
*(No conditions, no caveats, no different configurations, no data type
limitations, just apples to apples comparison.)

How much storage do you really have?

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