“Cold day in Hell” according to Hugh Bradlow – Telstra’s CTO

by Clive Gold, CTO Marketing, EMC Australia and New Zealand

Finally someone with a voice of reason, and how right is he!
Somehow politicians you can bend the laws of physics and make outrageous statements  on national television. The pity is, when someone like Hugh, with nearly 40 years’  experience from both an academic and commercial perspective, clarifies the  situation.. he doesn’t get heard in the national media, relegated to a  technology publication, (here).

Besides the obvious headline Hugh also makes a point that  people are not thinking about the future and the potential, there is no vision  in this argument. How many dumb statements have been made in our industry by
people who didn’t think about the possibilities? (5 computers in the world-IBM;  640KB RAM-Microsoft, etc.).

I recently upgraded my home broadband plan from 20GB to 120GB,  thinking that we could not get near the monthly limit.. and yet at the end of
the month we have blown the limit. Why a change in behaviour! The kids are now  streaming the TV episodes they missed, (or want to watch on their own time).  The frequency and duration of Skype calls have increased, the odd movie being streamed, etc. New more convenient ways to get things done! So much so I’ve just added another 3TB to the home network, which I’m guessing will last a few months…

To me the big issue in my mind is the lack of vision about the future of computing! How do you think technology will change our lives over the
next 10 years? How important do you think the NBN is for Australia’s
competitiveness going forward?


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