How secure is your storage network?

By Clive Gold, CTO Marketing, EMC Australia and New Zealand

I know most of you are infrastructure people, but EMC RSA has a great deal to offer you! I just come out of a great briefing by EMC RSA Security Consulting ANZ, which is the only group for EMC RSA outside of the USA. Two interesting pieces I got out of it, incredible breadth and depth of EMC RSA and secondly the trend seems to be convergence.

To give you an idea of the extent of the influence and work that EMC RSA entities do .. here are some of the pieces that make up this part of the EMC organisation:

–         The Cloud Trust Authority:- Establishing a third party validation and testing service for cloud services. This allows users and providers to validate each other. The user’s perspective is obvious; however a cloud provider being able to validate the credentials of a potential tenant is an interesting topic of why the landlord wants to validate the tenant!

–        PCI council:- being the only supplier of technology on the council EMC RSA ensures that the technology being developed aligns with the market needs.

–       Security Operations Centre:- recognised as the leading ops centre in the world, its being enhanced with a massive investment to keep ahead of the bad guys.

–        Anti-fraud Command Centre:- reportedly shuts down about 80% of the world’s phishing attacks, working the major financial services organisations around the world, they quickly and effectively provide an identification and remediation service.

–        Cryptology Centre:- With the likes of Eric Young, (here, ever heard of
SSL?), and located right here in Brisbane, this is by far the world’s leading
cryptology centre.

So what does the Security and Compliance consulting guys really do that would interest the infrastructure people? Well here is the slide they put up.. (with the usual “it’s a marketing slide” disclaimer which I won’t take offence to this time.. keep it for later.)

A statement was made that I found intriguing, “The issues you had with your IP network in the past are now being seen on your storage networks.”  Here was a diagram used to show the various vulnerabilities that are in this domain:

Interesting when you consider all the issues that get raised about trust in the cloud, perhaps charity starts at home, and maybe security should start there as well! Looks like the only issue these consulting guys are having is keeping up with the demand as the ‘security guys’ want to measure the impact of any changes to the infrastructure! If you are ‘dealing’ with your security guys, perhaps give EMC RSA Security and Compliance guys a call.


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