Macquarie Telecom Cloud Services go from strength to strength

By Clive Gold, CTO Marketing, EMC Australia and New Zealand.

It’s been over 10 years since Macquarie Telecom stood up its first storage on demand service. (Today that would obviously be called a Cloud Service, but then it was known as SSP, Storage Service Provider.) Well that business has grown and expanded, but Macquarie Telecom hasn’t stopped there, they have also expanded into another brand, Ninefold. (here).

What makes them different to me was the way they described their services… starting with hosting and moving to pure on-demand servers, storage and networks. Now the fact that they are totally Australian owned, located in Australia and your data has no chance of leaving the shores, negates a great deal of the ‘Trust’ issues that always get raised with the ‘cloud’ question.

Second interesting thing about this service is that they are all about service! Macquarie Telecom was built on the basis of its service and it continues this tradition into this side of their business. They have a number of brand names that rely on them. The best examples are the likes of Quickflix and webJet, as their businesses are 100% reliant on Macquarie Telecom delivering!

To be transparent, (as I always am), I’ve been involved because they use EMC technologies to deliver these services. But so do many other suppliers in Australia, the difference here is just the traditional IT practice, its about the People and the Processes.. and in this case their Attitude to service that makes the difference!


One response to “Macquarie Telecom Cloud Services go from strength to strength

  1. Clive, whilst I can’t comment on their service, never having been a client, I concur completely that success is about Attitude to service, and then the processes that enable you to deliver that service. Technology is the enabler in all this, but without the right people and processes to back up that technology, you will not succeed.

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