Large bank, large Ionix customer; thanks to dimension data.

By Clive Gold, CTO Marketing, EMC Australia and New Zealand

“Oh, I thought Ionix was now part of VMware!”,  I’d be rich if I had a $…  No, Ionix is the EMC management software brand and it continues to be developed and enhanced.  At one stage EMC decided to focus on infrastructure management and moved all assets, which worked above this layer, to VMware.  That move caused this confusion, but I’m so glad that partners like dimension data still get it.

Dimension data is a large user of Ionix technologies themselves. They use it in their operations centres and have also built it into some of their services they take to market. For example have a look at their ‘Managed Secure Infrastructure Service (MSIS)’ which takes an infrastructure from security through to compliance.

Dimension data also just helped a major bank gain network compliance – quickly! The customer said that what used to take them two to three hours to do manually, is now just a report that can be obtained on-demand, as they say just a click away. So think about the impact on their risk profile, where at any time they can monitor and prove their network compliance. Not only can this but they do this across all of their devices instead of the ‘relatively’ few they could previously do manually. Perhaps the most important factor, the auditors have gone elsewhere!

This bank is serious about their security and risk posture. I know as I’m a customer and they keep calling me!  I’m sorry but I’m one of those people destroying the local retailers and every time I purchase from a new on-line store, they immediately call.. and I love it, makes me feel secure!


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