Another Vblock Story – Major Australian Law Firm

by Clive Gold, CTO Marketing, EMC Australia and New Zealand

Kevin Bloch, CISCO’s local CTO and I gave a briefing to a group of CIO’s from the legal fraternity about two years ago. As was custom at the time we was asked everyone how much of their environment was virtualised. Out of the 8 or so organisations represented, almost half were at or very near 100%. Two years ago! So I wasn’t surprise to learn about one of these major firms implementing two Vblocks, to build their private cloud on.

Unlike so many organisations, they had a great opportunity as both their storage and compute environments were aged and needed to be refreshed. That made the competition falter, (in this case Netapp), as their reference architecture could not stack up against VCE and Vblock in any of the key requirements of reducing risk, lowering TCO as well as improving agility. (Not by a long shot, when they worked out the impact of the converged infrastructure over the expected life of the infrastructure.)

There were two other interesting points to me… firstly part of this project was the roll out of Exchange 2010. Ahh you say they were looking to virtualise a mission critical application! No they are already virtualised and have been for a while. Which always makes me wonder why so many of the messages you hear in the market today are about “it’s now time to virtualise mission critical applications”, when so many of EMC’s customers already do. Maybe it’s because ANZ is so far ahead of the rest of the world!

Secondly, the IT group has done this to provide a higher level of service to their customers’, while reducing the cost. How cool is that as I thought that in IT, that was an oxymoron! IT generally boils down into a trade-off between two factors, high utilisation or performance, quickly or right, etc. So its nice to have an IT solution in Vblock that provides a combination of three factors; lower risk, lower cost and more agile.


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