Want ‘wheelbarrows of cash’ instead of budget cuts?

By Clive Gold, Marketing CTO, EMC Australia and New Zealand

Geoffrey Moore opened Storage Networking World with a thought provoking and well worked out summary, of what the current ‘IT Transformation’ is all about. He opened with the statement that ‘Enterprise IT is on hold, while consumer IT is on fire.’. He had me with that statement. Recently I saw IDC’s stats about the Australian IT market and was shocked to find out that the smartphone market is three times the size of the storage hardware market!

The ‘fire’ is being fuelled by the fact that we are digitising all of human culture, and today we live a digital mediated life. Leading to his first key point, that there are 3 forces in this consumer IT fire, which are now moving to the enterprise; Access to Information; Broadband; and Mobility.
‘Just google it!’ No one reads manuals, text books, asks the experts.. we just google it. Interestingly Geoffrey mentioned that for the enterprise, the idea of search has to expand to multiple datasources and this means that the google technology will be applicable because of the way it fundamentally works.
Not the same as above but his point was broadband moved the consumer from intellectual
to emotional. Interesting his argument is that moving from text to rich media has resulted in a move from a physical identity to digital identity. If you have teenage children you will identify with this!
This is about being omnipresent and Mr Moore reckons that this is the area that the enterprise is furthest along with.

Then the discussion moved on to outline how these forces will affect both B2B and B2C business. Quite differently.

For the B2B its all about moving, (or rather expanding,) from the traditional ‘transaction’ based computing, which is about systems of record, to ‘engagement’ computing. In essence he said that transaction IT is about automating processes and then summarising for senior management, now IT needs to provide what middle management needs. (Think about it for a while it makes sense!)

His advice was to find the ‘moment of truth” that defines your business success, then look for the person involved at this point, and work out how to improve that outcome. The idea is how can Enterprise versions of Facebook, YouTube, Search, an App Store, Twitter, On-demand Conferencing, Global Presence, Mobile Access to Everything, change that moment of truth?

From a B2C point of view Geoffrey outlined the four aspects of the ‘new business’. The enabler for these businesses is that access and experiments are essentially free. However the winners tend to first you find someone, then you get them engaged, you monetize that interaction and then you get them to recommend you to their friends. When you get these cogs working all at the same time, then you are a success.

The key here is that data is the driver, which leads to a number of interesting topics like, predictive analytics, collaborative, fraud detection, etc.

All very interesting but at the end the thought provoking idea is about expanding from transactions to interactions, which is from efficiency to effectiveness. So you want the money, you need to work out what makes your business more effective!


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