It’s Video Time, and get used to it!

By Clive Gold, CTO Marketing, EMC Australia and New Zealand

Seems like EMC has been busy with the video camera… locally at vForum, (here)
and internationally with Chuck Hollis, (here).

I first noticed this trend with @rodos who runs around with a flip to enhance his blog. (here) The last time I saw him was at vForum, with the trusty flip resting on the chair infront of him, recording the Optus/Alphawest session… the difference now was there were others doing the same thing! (Although the Flip has given way to the iPhone in video mode, which is also hard to get used to!)

The key issue here is the research shows that you retain 6x as much through a rich medium like video, vs an audio track. So if you are trying to communicate and get your message heard, why wouldn’t you use a more effective medium? Mainly because you have to get used to seeing yourself!


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