Putting Sizzle into Storage is Fun!

By Clive Gold, CTO Marketing, EMC Australia and New Zealand

I’m pumped from what happened yesterday!  We had a ‘VNX Demo Day’; just got a whole bunch of people into the Sydney Solution Centre and showed them what VNX can do. We only did an overview, so it took three hours, but we just wanted to tease people and have them come back for more.  Anthony Pepin, Dean Jackson and one of EMC’s virtualisation guys, David Lloyd did an amazing job of setting up and hamming it up, to keep everyone interested and entertained. (Maybe we’ll turn our Canadian Dean into something like that other EMC Canadian @sakacc!; also note @romant at the back txt’ing me “This is bloody great!!”)

Why am I so pumped? Because we turned a number of people from the dark side! In particular a gentleman from the public service, who I knew was only there to demonstrate ‘impartiality’, as they are going to market to replace their mid-tier storage arrays. The session started, (if you have ever been in a session with me you know I try keep it interactive), and he is the first with the loaded question, “Does VNX do block-based-deduplication?”, the answer ‘No’.. a little smile on his face… but then we show file-system deduplication and compression and the effect on the whole array.. and introduce the 25% guarantee program.. and he goes quiet.

This goes on a few more times, loaded question.. quick demonstration of capability.. and he gets a little bit quieter!! Gotta love that after tea not only did no more questions arise, but he looked completely engaged and started taking furious notes and the body language compelely different!! Wow, to me that is a good day.. to take someone from a bigoted one-eyed view of the world to accepting and learning what is out there!

The best part.. not one PowerPoint and not one canned/recorded demo! These guys did everything live and in real time, want this, click here.. need that, click there.. boom.. performance graphs responding appropriately. Well done guys!


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