Time to hire a 20 year old CIO!

By Clive Gold, CTO Marketing, EMC Australia and New Zealand

Last week, I attended another CIO lunch! (It is a tough job, but someone has to do this!). Yet again the conversation turned to the challenges and perils of the ‘consumer devices’ popping up all over the network. Then it struck me, the discussion is all wrong!

How many times have you heard or read about the issues in adopting the iPad into an organisation? (The security concerns and legal issues of wiping the device of both business and personal data.) As one participant yesterday said, “We have an SOE, and we will not deviate from this!”, that is when it struck me! People are trying to enforce an old control on a new paradigm.

We all understand why the ‘SOE’ became a popular way to control support costs and enable a ‘lockdown’, from a security point of view. Now the BYO issue has broken the model and as IOS/Android operating systems are not as mature, they don’t allow the same level of lockdown and policy setting as ‘legacy’ devices. This seems like a stumbling block and the approach is one of glass is half empty!

I would argue that this focus on the device is misdirected and what people really want is the new experience. If you delivered a self-service, rich-content, simple, ‘app’ oriented, always on, always connected user experience … there would be no demand for iPads! (Bold statement so please retort!)

Dropbox was mentioned and the room ‘sighed’, given the control and security issues with this type of service. However, EMC has a 10MB limit on the size of mails I can send, (I can’t put together a half decent presso today without blowing this!), so how do I sent that presentation to anyone? “Apply for an FTP server login!” was the IT helpdesk answer! Sure I said and clicked on box.com, problem solved for the price of an e-mail address!!

EMC is getting this, you can download EMC Folio from the app store to get a new-generation interface into information that is on our various web pages. Simple quick and rich content delivery. Internally I use an app called “EMC Wire” which gives me a single interface into about 6 different information sources, (internal and external), in one simple, quick and rich content way!

So the discussion is about application modernisation and the new user experience, not about the device itself. Now to fully understand this in context of the ‘social media’ revolution, I think you need new eyes, and so hire a 20 year old CIO.. to provide a completely new perspective!


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