Who’s watching out for you? EMC RSA shutting down phishing.

By Clive Gold, CTO Marketing, EMC Australia and New Zealand

Just a quick note as there is an interesting podcast from EMC RSA, to mark the fact that they have now shut down half a million phishing attacks! That has to have a major impact on the ‘profitability’ of on-line crime! (Podcast here).


  • As of November 2011, the RSA Anti-Fraud Command Centre has officially shut down over 500,000 cyber-attacks around the world.
  • Phishing      volume dropped nearly 40 per cent in October.  This decline was mainly due to a drastic reduction in the number of phishing attacks targeting brands that were heavily attacked in September.
  • U.S.nationwide banks continue to be the most heavily targeted, accounting for 4 per cent of attacks in October.
  • This month’s highlight takes a look at how phishing has evolved in the past ecade and how attacks have become more sophisticated and targeted over      time.

Worth the time it takes and includes some advice for you as an individual.


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