EMC Storage is Smashing the Competition

By Clive Gold, CTO Marketing, EMC Austrlia and New Zealand.

EMC’s Storage is simply thrashing the competition. It’s been a great week for

From 'The Register'

EMC storage, in particular VNX, and me! I’ve said it before, I know that people listen to what I say, but then look for validation. Why, because I have ‘Marketing’ in my job title and we technical people are all cynics! So when there are a flood of customer testimonials and industry validation for what I’ve been saying, I can have a little “I told you so” moment, (in my head only, so as not to be rude! ) A win announcement hit my inbox, a major mining house selected EMC to replace all other major vendors, to complete their consolidation project. Their reasons for selecting EMC were:

  • EMC was the only vendor with a credible platform to meet all their service level requirements across all their applications and datasets. (The power of VMAX!)
  • The quality of the EMC people. (Which is interesting as they had product from all the other major vendors and EMC was the only new vendor they dealt with!)
  • Transparent pricing structures: (Some people still perceive EMC as ‘expensive storage’, which was the case more than 10 years ago, but has not been since then.)
  • Excellent references: (As they say the proof is in the pudding, and EMC’s reputation for product quality and customer service are way ahead of the industry, we just simply care!)

Then IDC announced the storage market share numbers for Q3; EMC continues to hold more than twice the market share than the next vendor, (the Register article (here) and thanks for the graph). This is not a ‘chest beating’ exercise, but a thank you for your confidence in EMC. Market share is your vote, after all its how you vote with your $’s that counts and holding the size of EMC’s market lead shows that we are delivering better innovation, quality and customer service.

And its not just in ANZ, this morning an international case study hit my inbox, (here). Carglass, (German version of O’Briens), who selected VNX for some compelling reasons over Netapp:

  • Increased Performance and Efficiency—Carglass has achieved 5X faster performance with EMC VNX and FAST Cache under high workload conditions, such as quarterly financial reporting.
  • Reduced Footprint—With VNX, Carglass has reduced power consumption in its data center by 50%.
  • Simplified Management—With the unsurpassed simplicity of the VNX, Carglass’ IT managers can now set up a hardware test environment in just 2 hours, 36X faster than before, and spend less time on maintenance and configuration.

So customers have spoken loud and clear and therefore I have to say to a leading analyst in Australia, who I’ve known for over 20 years, and he always says to me… “It’s not that I don’t believe you Clive, but when a customer tells me something, I can trust it”. Well I guess now you can advise your clients that EMC and the VNX is truly a generation ahead of the market!
(I did tell you that, didn’t I!)


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