Did we define the Future during the EMC Forum Keynote?

Transform IT+Business+Yourself was the theme at EMC Forum 2012, if you were there this should have been in-your-face, if you weren’t … sorry you missed a great event. (I’m obviously un-biased). We had record attendance, about 30% up on last year, record feedback scores, and a room full of people having a cold beverage at the end of a long day!

For the keynote I worked with a ‘futurist’, Tim Longhurst (here), to try ad stretch people to think about the future, and then have EMC, Cisco and VMware talk about what is being done today to make this future happen. (If you were there, did it work?)

Tim had some interesting points…

–       Massive Miss-allocation of Resource! His example was look at the streets of any city and there are all these car’s doing nothing, why would we leave billions of dollars of investment idle most of the time! Think about the average Australian worker who drives to work, the car is idle for the day, until they drive home. Why shouldn’t your car drive itself home for someone else in the family to use during the day, before it drives itself back to pick you up?

–       Enhanced decision Making: The wisdom of the crowd allows us to tap into new ways to make decisions.  Examples like mint.com which monitors the market and gives you investment suggestions for your super/pension in the USA. Also the incredible success of the “pebble” watch fund raising on KickStarter, they went to raise $100k and landed up with ten times as much, (here).

–       Your Cyborg Future: Not the half man half machine, but he fact that already we treat our smartphones like people, and we become more attached to technologies. (A recent survey showed one third of American respondents, would give up sex before their phone, Google it!)

Next, how does this relate to EMC, Cisco and VMware.


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