Are you ready to get involved in the Human Face of Big Data?

Starting next week the HFoBD project will tempt just 10 million of you to download the app and begin taking part in the largest data collection project in the history of mankind. Rick Smolen’s vision to create a digital mirror on the world is about to go live. (Short clip of Rick talking about the project, here)

You can feel a large affinity to this project as Rick’s rise to fame has its genesis right here in Australia, where he and 100 of his photo-journalist mates, set out to capture a ‘Day in the life of Australia’. A creative and crazy idea that no publisher would back, hence his production company name, “Against All Odds”.

(How to get involved? Simply register at, and/or download the app on the 25/26th from the Apple or Droid store.)

Think about getting 10Million people, (maybe more), answering a bunch of questions and to keep them engaged feeding back information and fun facts! Now do the maths and work out how much data needs to be flowing around the globe! If each second each user accounts for just 10 bytes of data, then we are talking 100Mbytes per second, or for you network guys .. in the order of a GigaBit!

Now Rick has spoken about finding your ‘Digital Doubleganger”, where your answers will be matched with others and you can share a picture of yourself with your digital twin. So now we are talking about pictures, which will be a little more than 10 bytes.

An interesting challenge when it comes to the infrastructure, especially when you consider that on the 2nd October we will have three Mission Control’s, (Singapore, London and NY).  Here press and analysts will be able to view and interact with this project, using some fascinating work that Tablaeau is doing to be able to visualise the data collected.

So keep posted and become involved.


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