Happy New Year. What will 2013 Bring?

fortune teller
Happy new year, I trust that you have, (or about to have), a break and are refreshed to tackle 2013 with gusto!

The question is what do you think 2013 will have in store of all of us? There has been a slurry of predictions from all corners even the daily news, for example The Sydney Morning Herald/Age covers both consumer and business. So look forward to folding your phone up, as its connected to your augmented reality glasses, powered by a cloud service, using a software defined datacentre, to provide real-time analytics on big data, enabling you to use your social network, and tap into social media, all to augment your experience of walking down the street!

Two predications caught my eye, firstly a prediction that cloud will move from “hype to hyper growth”, (thanks sub-editor of IT-Brief here). I just wonder if anyone still thinks that Cloud is still hype, or is a reality for all of us in some way, shape or form. For example I’ve just started to use Amazon’s Glacier storage for my home backups.

The second prediction is from IBM, who has done a series of videos about computing moving into what they term, “The era of cognitive systems machines”. Their premise is that in the next five years computers will be capable of sensing as humans do, and as such they will be able to learn and adapt. There are five small videos that talk about each of the human senses and how enabling computing with these senses will change the way technology is used and how it will augment our lives. (Well worth the half an hour to watching these here)

So what do you think the big thing in 2013 will be?


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