Forget BYOD how about BYOA?

I’ve been thinking about whether a BYOA is a viable model for the new world?

Back before the corporate PC world was dominated by Microsoft Office, there were different options for people to do their word-processing and spread-sheet modelling on.  This situation had two main advantages; people would carry their application skills with them to new tasks, as well as it spurned competition between the application vendors, (Lotus vs. Excel, and Wordperfect vs. Word).

If we take this idea into an open-data – standards based world, it makes things interesting. For example an application vendor becomes a master at their application logic or functionality, with no underlying ‘data-model’, to limit upgradability or tie people in! (Different to the traditional computer-scientist approach of defining the data-model and then build the logic on-top.)

The user can select a powerful tool and become proficient with it. Then this skill gets applied to solve a number of different problems. For example, say I have the ultimate analytics application and want to understand EMC’s position in the market in order to develop a plan. What be useful is to understand EMC’s results, the perception of the company, competitive landscape, etc. Now I believe the truth is out there as I have access to market data, (future case),  from the governing bodies, (import data, annual reports, etc.), market research from the analysts,  social media feeds and multiple internal data sources – sales force automation, sales transaction data, helpdesk activity, service reports, etc.

In this scenario I could first I point my application at the market data and understand our market share and trends, then add social media and understand the sentiment, (perhaps correlate this to our sales performance). Lastly why not pull in the helpdesk and service information and see what trends I can pick up to help me plan for the year!

Next I get involved in a marketing campaign and I’m asked for a ‘head-line’ message for a campaign. Now I point my analytics application at the headlines to understand what is resonating in my audience’s minds right now.

Or lets go the other way to the ‘non-technical’ user.. the manager we all know who has problems booting up their laptop in the morning. How about they have a great application which shows them the weather in detail… well how about if we could just replace the data with their sales forecast! After-all a bad forecast is a bad forecast!

Well, maybe that is a simpler way ahead and more productive, what do you think?


2 responses to “Forget BYOD how about BYOA?

  1. I’d be a little concerned about coherency and auditability; that is, using a “Bring Your Own” application as an enterprise decision support system, that has NOT been tested for internal consistency, accuracy or completeness, and using its results to influence organisational behaviour…..but, knowing you, Clive, I’m sure you already thought of that….

    • Lou, a good point as usual, and for ‘auditible’ processes like business reporting, need auditability etc, how this can be achieved in a Big Data world is an issue that needs debate.
      I guess I was thinking about the areas where information is being consumed and where today we rely on ‘gut-feel’. In a lot of these cases its about trends rather than absolutes, for example sentiment. (Something I’ve always said about the analysts who size the market.. you might have issues with the actual numbers, but if they make the same mistakes every-time there is value in the trends!)

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