Are you hoping for an IT Disaster?

Datacom, a good partner of EMC, was kind enough to invite me to participate on a panel discussion at their event yesterday. The keynote speaker was Martin Grunstein who’ message is very grounding and he delivers it by drawing on his stand-up skills, very enter-training. (I actually saw him at a Microsoft event over 10 years and still use his advice, how many keynotes can you remember?).

On the panel with me was the CIO of Brighton Adelaide and as one of the companies that has recently gone live with VPLEX, I asked him how it was going. His reply, with a little smile on his face was, “We are kind of hoping for a disaster!” to which we both followed on with, “be careful what you wish for”. But just think about that! How many of you are that confident in your operation that you do not fear and dread a disaster… or even a disaster test!

Then, very carefully I sort of gingerly asked if that was the main reason they had implemented VPLEX. (My mind re-living the sales training where someone says.. who sold you that then!). With a sigh of relief he said no, not just for DR! Just remember that even just for downtime, only about 5% is caused by disasters.

Now we all know that DR is a major discussion here, but to me, it’s a minor part of the benefits of VPLEX’s true active-active capability. (I tell people to just think that you have one-datacentre, it just happens to be in two physical locations.)

The one benefit that is not that obvious is that there is an immediate hardware savings in the cost of doing DR. Let’s say you wanted to provide 50% capability in the time of disaster. You would purchase 1.5x the capacity you needed or production to achieve this, with VPLEX an ideal case is that you purchase 1x and put half on each site… and you have the same level of protection!

Also it takes the pain out of lifecycle management.. of the entire datacentre… need to upgrade the air-conditioning? Just move or continue to run the apps on the other side! Need to refresh the storage… Tuesday at 11am sounds good doesn’t it!!

Anyway… here’s wishing for a disaster… not!


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