Art’s Predictions as Cyber Security is Re-thought

Art Coviello, CEO of EMC RSA has made his predictions for security in 2013. (Forbes here). It does read a bit like the good, the bad and the ugly… (maybe not in that order). However it is worth considering his thoughts!


If you are pressed for time, Art’s 8 key points are:

  1. The      hackers will likely get even more sophisticated. 
  2. Our      attack surfaces will continue to expand and any remaining semblance of a      perimeter will continue to wither away.
  3. These      changes will occur whether security teams are ready or not.
  4. National      governments will continue to diddle or, should I say, fiddle
  5. It      is highly likely that a rogue nation state, hacktivists or even terrorists      will move beyond intrusion and espionage to attempt meaningful disruption.

The good news:

  1. Responsible      people in organizations from all verticals, industries and governments      will move to that newer intelligence-based security model
  2. I      also predict a significant uptake in investment for cloud-oriented      security services to mitigate the effects of that serious shortage in      cyber security skills.
  3. Big      Data analytics will be used to enable an intelligence-based security      model.


The interesting piece for me is the evolution of the journey from the edge to an intelligence based security model. My analogy is James Bond! The old method is like the scenes, mostly in the older movies, where James had to climb some impossible mountain cliff face, breach a more impossible wall, fight hundreds of heavily armed guards… and then save the maiden! The new approach is where James is right inside the ‘bad guys’ domain, (sometimes involving a game but with real consequences), and the strategic manoeuvring is played out.

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