“The Tale of Two Transfers” or “The New WWW!”

EMC released an enterprise version of its acquisition of Syncplicity recently, (here), which struck home recently with these two tales…

Transfer One.

I got to work early to write the blog post and someone was having trouble getting a video file to a colleague. (Our internal e-mail limit is 20MB.) Being the go to guy for any support in our office I got stuck in… found various shared drives to try and get the file as close to the recipient as we could. Emailed the link, (with the standard “space” in the address issues,) and eventually we got the file there.

Transfer Two.

My wife has gone back to full time work, and we thought it would be a good time to help the 18 and 21 year old become more domesticated. The plan is that every one of us will prepare at least one meal a week, (share the load and acquire an essential life skill at the same time!) However only one problem, it does not make sense for four people to go out shopping, so my son found a shopping list app. The real kicker with the app is that it keeps the same list current on all mobile devices! So instead of running around and trying to tell everyone what we need, we simply add it to the list.

What’s the point? Well two different approaches to essentially the same problem, information sharing! The issue here is that approach one is so last year! The notion on moving data around as files is not relevant in today’s world for two major reasons… synchronisation and size!

Most professionals in Australia now have two mobile devices plus their laptop/desktop! Keeping productive is the new WWW, (What, Where, & When I want it.) which results in accessing your information from whatever device is at hand at the time. Synchronisation is a major issue in all of our lives! Cloud-ifying your information is one way to solve this problem, however you have to choose sides, Google, Microsoft of Apple.. and it’s extremely difficult if not impossible at this stage to make them all play nicely together.

Secondly there is the problem of sharing with someone else! Now enter a myriad of other services, most commonly used (and blocked by corporate networks), is Dropbox! However the Syncplicity solution brings a new flavour into this mix, where corporates can house their data in-house and provide their secure and protected ‘cloud’ service from within their datacentre, if they want!

So roll on the standardisation on ‘cloud’ when I can have one diary between my Windows Laptop, my iPhone and my Android Tablet… do I hear someone say dream on!!


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