My First Day at Cisco Live

For me the day started with the first management session at Cisco Live 2013 in Melbourne. An interesting discussion on what the 21st Century Organisation will look like. (If you look for my Tweets you will probably get a good representation of the talk. Sorry!) The main thesis is that organisations have to be ‘flexible’ and not the old hierarchical command and control structures that existed in the dark ages of the 1990’s.. If you are a reader of my blog you will know that I am 100% in-line with this discussion! Flexible, agile and maximising the value of the human capital is what drives organisations today! Good start to the day.
The keynote by Carlos Dominguez was great! I was fortunate to see him present last year and this was an updated version of this keynote speech. Given some of the material was familiar to me I probably was able to keep up with all the ideas whereas I think it was a bit too ‘BIG’ for most people. He presents a 5 stage model of ‘connectivity’. I forget the first, however it’s the progression of everything being connected from Computers, People, Things, to the ultimate Convergence. Today obviously the talk is about the Internet of Things and he did a fantastic demonstration of wi-fi enabled globes from Philips. As he commented this is reality when you have these devices! Net-net is that the world is changing in every way shape and form, and if a totally instrumented lamp-post doesn’t illustrate this.. what does?
The other interesting part was a slide went up with an obvious mask on one of the logo’s. I asked the person sitting next to me if they had noticed and was told that at the partner day this slide went up, it show which companies look like they are not making the transition to the new world and seem to be destined for the legacy logo graveyard. Unfortunately for the presenter, the pure play storage vendor was in the room as a sponsor and spat the dummy!! To me I would say ‘She protests too much!”, but you know me!
The world of solutions I think is bigger again and EMC has a funky augmented reality app which is drawing in the punters… A fun way where an iPad app recognises a logo on a cap that someone is wearing and triggers off an animation of the logo exploding and stuff happening… if you are around well worth a look!
Otherwise, perhaps I do too many of these things but was uninspired by what I saw on most of the stands, which is fine as it makes our funky stuff stand out more.
A few more sessions in the afternoon, a security session by CISCO’s internal IT people which sounded like and EMC RSA pitch.. right down to the use of Intelligence based security, thank you. And to finish the day off a 90 minute discussion on Big Data in the enterprise by a very knowledgeable and experienced guy from the US! Thank you.


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