Day 2 Cisco Live – 7 deadly sins

Hats off to Cisco and their organising team for staging a great party last night. I was a little ‘perplexed’ when walking into the event and past a wall of 7 scantily clad young ladies. Being a bit slow I first thought is this the kind of image a brand like Cisco wants to portray! Then it clicked as each one had painted on their arm the particular sin they represented.

Inside each sin had a part of the massive hall, and an activity to satisfy every taste, from gambling to archery to fencing and computer games, even bean bags and movies playing for the people who were into sloth, after a long hard day at the conference!

I managed to get to a couple of sessions the first by the keynote speaker Carlos Dominguez who gave an inspirational talk on his theory of life and how to become a TechNowist, (here). Very interesting guy, well worth watching the video’s on that site. (He was also part of the Human Face of Big Data project that I worked on last year!)

The other session that sticks in my mind was a discussion about software defined networking. Unfortunately I was a little late into the session but the discussion seemed to be about how Cisco has opened up an API layer into their routers. I was a little perplexed as there was no discussion on how to make the network dynamic and flexible, but I guess that will come from the ‘programs’ that get written above this layer.

Last session of the day was a CIO panel which covered the hot topics of Big Data, Cloud adoption and the future of IT. Some nice statements made.. (twitter search @clivegold #CLMEL for a full list), but some of the notable ones were:

–          CIO becoming either CFO or CCO. Meaning Flexibility Officer given the discussions about becoming a ‘bendable’ organisation or Commercial Officer given the model where all services are delivered by a cloud contract.

–          A Data scientist is someone who can find meaning in the madness!

The last quote from the day that I liked was a definition of BYOD, “BYOD is not about the devices it’s about how to securely deliver services to employees!” Like it as it typifies the journey that I.T. is on, moving from technology to outcomes!

If you are at Cisco Live today, join us in room 210 at 12:15pm for a discussion on how to secure your environment using intelligence, not walls!


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