VSPEX more Flexible and more Pod than others in the market.


I did my homework for Data#3’s Juice IT roadshow, (Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth… register here is you are interested, Brisbane tomorrow and Perth next week..) In the process of developing my centred around VSPEX and it’s the first time I’ve had to delve deep into it and I’m quite surprised at what I’ve found.

To be truthful I did have a little bit of a cynical view about the offering! My initial reaction on reading the press release at the time was, “about time we put the Netapp Flexpod discussion to bed!” In my mind I put VSPEX into a bucked labelled Flexpod equivalent.. wow was I wrong!!

In one of the earlier posts I did point out how frustrating it was when NetApp positioned Flexpod against Vblock. It’s like positioning a Dick Smith electronics kit against a Bose Sound System! Reference architectures are a ‘best practices’ way to doing things. Whereas VCE’s products are just that, A Product. A product that is sized, built, sold, installed, maintained and upgraded as a single product.

So what differentiates VSPEX from the crowd? Well firstly it’s flexible at each layer there is a choice of technology you prefer. The cynics among you would say, “Yea right!”, look at the bottom two layers. Yes the storage and the protection technologies are from EMC, however as you might know EMC has a family of products in both these areas. The right tool for the right job!

Secondly, they are lightning fast… or put another way they deliver a great TCO and help you meet your SLAs. This is done by combining the leading capabilities of each of the layers, then fine tuning the setup for specific applications. Which leads to the third big differentiator.

EMC’s interoperability labs are legendary. I remember in the early day’s of Fibre Channel SANs, an article describing the testing EMC does said, “When EMC fixes it, it fixes it for the world!” In fact I’ve had customers show me how competitors of EMC have used the interoperability matrix to get their products working!

Well we have taken this facility and applied to to running VSPEX in particular application environments, e.g. VDI, Sharepoint, Exchange, etc. The engineers work out how to configure the entire stack to give the most reliable, highest performing and simplest way of running that application.


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