Brian Gallagher talks in The Real World about cloud storage

Its all happening at EMC World, and a HD streaming of the keynotes on EMC TV

Andy Sitison

Typed in the field —- Excuse the typos

During Brian Gallagher’s ESD keynote, he took the audience through the changes to the VMAX product line.

Here’s some highlights frm his presentation

– 17 VMAX breakout sessions At EMC World

-VMAX Cloud Edition. During the discussion ran a video on the transformation of Navitare, Accenture spin off for airline industry.

-Vmax cloud , provision faster, 34% lower tco, and provide ITaaS with more consistency than AWS.

-VMAX Clud provides automation, strong use metrics as is sized simply through capacity and or performance needs

– Vmax runs 3x faster other compeition. vmax can optimise data placement in an exclusive way,
across data centers (up to 4).

-2.5 x faster than HP 3par and with replication it doubles its time to respond. Aka “Wicked Bad”

– Brian also talked about Vplex. Which had an interesting data factoid.

-It runs in 52% of the…

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