The Future of IT 3: Mobility = Connected

Mention “Mobility” to any IT person these days and they go a bit ashen, and the conversation invariably turns to MDM, (mobile device management.)  When you chat to these people you realise that MDM may stand for “Massive Device Mess). There are always areas where the early adopters see the advantage that a new technology provides.  Hospitals have seen how they can un-tether their staff from the office terminal and make them more productive and effective by entering data by the bed side. Restaurants similarly use devices to take orders that are immediately sent to the kitchen. Even airlines have replace pilot’s map cases with tablets, hopefully without the in-air entertainment system installed.

How else have things changed? Let me ask you, do you check your e-mail while in bed? Perhaps you check your e-mail before you check your partner?  You join 71% of the respondents to a recent survey, who said they check e-mail first thing in the morning, while another 17% are on Facebook. Then before we go to sleep 47% of us do a final check of e-mail while 27% make sure we know what our friends are up-to on Facebook.  However in-between… we check our devices while commuting, at work, and even while having a cold beverage after work, we glance at our devices.

The header picture I took on a holiday in Fiji. Being school holidays in Australia the hotel pool was crowded and as I walked I noticed that of the approximately 40 people, only two had paper books, the rest on some device. In-fact there were only two places in the hotel where Wi-Fi was available, a café and the pool!

So the core value of mobility is the fact that we are always connected!

The Future
Let’s expand this idea because it’s not just “us” who are connected, but we are in the process of connecting everything!  At Cisco Live earlier this year the keynote speaker, Carlos Dominguez , demonstrated the Philips Hue, a Wi-Fi light bulb. Taking a picture of the Cisco Live Logo the bulbs changed colour to emulate the sign’s hue!  Now I have to say that when a light bulb is connected we are really getting to a place where everything is connected and the world is rapidly moving to the Internet of Everything.

Just consider the potential of being able to communicate with everyone, while measuring and controlling everything!  As I ‘dad joke’ with my children, “light switches also have an off position, you should try it!” Now consider no light switches, just rooms that light up when you walk towards them, as the GPS in your pocket is communicating your movements to your home control system which is predicting where you are going.

Smart cities are being designed and everyday objects being instrumented, in-order to make city life more efficient and safer. Kevin Bloch, CISCO CTO talks about the ‘electronic’ lamp post. A street lamp post which has multiple devices built into it, from measuring weather conditions to safety cameras and yes a simple light sensors to turn the bulb on and off.

So Mobile = Connectivity

Next: Big Data.


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