About Clive Gold – Resume

Who am I?
I am a strategic thinker and creative problem solver with strong business, marketing and services experience, supported by an excellent technical ability.

I love doing things that utilise my unique combination of business, marketing and technical skills, to add value to a high performing team, where we make a difference.

I like photography, (picture above), and am trying to get fit.

What am I like?
I am like an inquisitive child, a passionate teenager, a focused adult and a wise old man.

What do I think some of my major accomplishments have been?

  • Project managed a major global thought leadership program for APJ which won an international award.
  • Developed and executed a B2B social media strategy, growing evolvement to nearly 1000 participants in a year.
  • Created and established a major industry event going into its 10th year.
  • Re-built a marketing team which won an international award a year later.
  • Developed a market segmentation system which enabled over 95% of sales representatives to achieve their plan and grew the organisations revenue by approximately 30%.
  • Drove an AP wide program to introduce a major technology, which resulted in a market leading position for the company within 12 months.
  • Set a strategy and executed the merger of two services organisations which resulted in a 5x growth over two years.
  • Transitioned 180 technical support people into a professional services group.
  • Managed and mentored several people who are now recognized leaders and successful in their organisations.

What have I done?
• Strategic management with full profit and loss responsibility for;
– Marketing function
– Services operation
– Start-up organisation

• Management
– I am a collaborative, people centric, team oriented manager who knows that enabled, happy, and challenged people are engaged and do amazing things.
– Built and led small and large high performance teams doing customer services, professional services and marketing across the region.
– Ability to communicate at all levels especially to relate complex concepts at the appropriate level

• Marketing
– Extensive marketing management experience in IT&T hardware, software and services.
– Experienced media spokesperson and analyst liaison
– Experienced in messaging, segmentation, positioning and pricing.

• Sales
– Direct and indirect sales experience
– Channel management and support

• Services
– Developed and grown professional services functions
– Service product design, implementation and marketing
– Negotiated and managed service level agreements
– ‘Crisis’ management

September 1999 – Present     EMC Corporation
March 1997 – August 1999    Com Tech Communications (Dimension Data)
July 1990 – Feb 1997               Pyramid Technology (Pty) Limited
July 1988 March 1990             Wolf Intelligent Systems (Pty) Limited
Jan 1982 June 1988                  Hewlett Packard (Pty) Limited


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